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Geri Perkal, The College Planner
Independent Educational Consulting Services

When it comes to choosing a college, your goal as a parent is to prepare your student for success. An independent educational consultant can navigate and bring clarity to the college planning process, helping you to achieve success with the right academic fit for your child and your family. Educational needs are determined by evaluating individual abilities, activities, and interests, along with consideration of a student’s personality and aspirations. An independent educational consultant works on behalf of the family and does not accept compensation from any academic institution for placement, providing your family with a confident, trusted partner.

Geri Perkal
As an independent educational consultant, Geri Perkal offers a comprehensive program beginning in a student’s sophomore or junior year. Her targeted, individualized plan prepares students to meet specific goals and identifies the most advantageous academic settings for each student.
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Independent Educational Consulting Program Includes:

  • Evaluation of student records, including high school transcript and standardized test results
  • Advice on selecting academic courses and extracurricular and volunteer activities
  • Planning a detailed schedule of standardized tests, testing options, and application deadlines
  • Research and compilation of a list of colleges that best match a student’s learning style, abilities, and needs
  • In-depth application preparation assistance, including time and stress management
  • Application follow-up, with wait-list, appeal, and final selection support, if needed

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